The Romance of the Half Flowers

The Romance of the Half Flowers

Naupaka: Two Hearts. One Love.

Naupaka is a delicate, white flower with a distinctive half shape. This pretty design is repeated throughout 53 by the Sea. It is an attractive green hedge that you can find throughout our property.

combined naupaka flowersAccording to Hawaiian legend, Naupaka was a girl of royalty who fell in love with Kau’i, a fisherman. They were forbidden to be a couple and had broken hearts. Naupaka took a blossom from her hair and tore it in half, giving one side to Kau’i while keeping the other half as they were not allowed to be together. Today, naupaka grows in the mountains and also near the ocean. Brought together, the mountain and ocean naupaka combine to form a perfect, full blossom and symbolize long-lasting love. It is a fitting motif for 53 by the Sea as we strive to honor the magic of your romance.

Can You Find the Naupaka?

  • As you approach our building, find the naupaka design on our main iron door and throughout the wrought iron railings.

  • In the Garden, you can find beautiful glass naupaka petals with wedding couple’s names and date engraved.

  • Upstairs, you will see the design in the Kau’i Chapel. The front wall is decorated with the motif. The heavenly, white Naupaka Chapel is bright and elegant. Both chapels have a round glass inset highlights the combined flowers – symbols of everlasting love.