Celebrating Family, Friends, and Fortune this New Year

Celebrating Family, Friends, and Fortune this New Year

In Japanese culture, welcoming the New Year indicates an opportunity for purification and new beginnings. Homes are filled with the warmth of laughter as families gather to celebrate the holiday with the ones they love most. They are also filled with the savory aromas of Osechi Ryouri, or Osechi for short– the traditional New Year’s Day cuisine intended to invite happiness, health, and success for the year to come.

Osechi includes an assortment of colorful foods, each carrying symbols of good fortune, packed into an elegant multi-layered box to be shared amongst family and friends. As the years have progressed and the tradition has grown, Osechi has become a staple in many Hawai‘i homes as well.

As 2023 quickly approaches, the 53 By The Sea ‘ohana would like to introduce an original twist on this heartfelt custom. For the first time, Osechi Boxes will be available for purchase to-go. Traditional ingredients– like kuri kinton, which brings wealth; kouhaku kamaboko, which represents good luck; and onishime, which is meant to strengthen family bonds– are combined with Western influences for a perfectly integrated meal.

The Osechi Box includes two layers of beautifully finished traditional food items that can easily serve three people. You can pre-order a limited Osechi Box online or in-restaurant while supplies last. Orders will be available for pick-up between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on December 31, 2022 at 53 By The Sea.

Bring good fortune into your New Year and celebrate new traditions or reminisce in old ones by sharing an Osechi Box with those you love.

New Year’s Osechi Box: $225
30g Caviar Add-On: + $195
50g Caviar Add-On: + $295

Sorry, we sold out. We wish you a very Happy New Year!