A Treat for Every Occasion

A Treat for Every Occasion

House Made Tomato JamThe holidays have arrived! As the year’s end brings us the season of gift-giving and joyous celebration, share with your loved ones 53 By The Sea’s most recent release and restaurant favorite, the Tomato Jam.

This tangy, sweet, and savory spread makes for the perfect Christmas present, or bring it to your New Year’s party and be the talk of the evening. 53’s Tomato Jam, while concentrated, is fused with rounded flavors based in ingredients like garlic, lemon juice, and cloves. In-house pastry chef, Makoto Harada, skillfully concocted a well-balanced recipe which has, over the years, become a 53 staple.

While we serve our guests Tomato Jam paired with goat cheese and toasted bread crisps for a salty-sweet sensation, the topping is extremely versatile and compliments every dish. Whether you’re enjoying breakfast eggs or indulging in a late night snack, Tomato Jam becomes a delicious addition you’ll absolutely love.

Get your friends and family a gift that will win their taste buds and hearts, or keep one stocked just for yourself, by purchasing 53 By The Sea’s 7oz. jar of Tomato Jam.

Tomato Jam (7oz Jar): $12

This product can be conveniently ordered in-house or online and be picked up at 53 By The Sea.